Dine-In ordering

Why should I use Dine-In ordering?

Dining In ordering helps your restaurant/ bar to improve hospitality, reduce labor costs, and increase sales. When your guests place their own orders, you are not exposed to any communication risks.


How does Dine-In ordering help my restaurant grow?
By offering a more detailed and accurate digital menu, and giving guests the option to place orders, Dine-In ordering improves hospitality reduces labor costs, and increases sales.


Dine-In Ordering for Restaurants and bars.

Modernize your dine-in service with digital ordering.

Digital menus are revolutionizing the dine-in experience. Your guests can access your menu through a custom QR code, place their orders, and pay their checks—all from their smartphones.


Turn Tables Faster

Make the dining experience more efficient than ever.


Improve Order Accuracy

Let your customers directly customize and confirm their orders.


Minimize Costs

Save your staff’s time and weather any labor shortages.


Increase revenue with fewer staff members.

Staff shortages can cause headaches for your team, your guests, and your bottom line. Efficiently grow your sales by cutting out tedious order-taking and time-consuming order errors.

Easily keep your digital restaurant menu up-to-date .


How do customers place an online order for dine-in?

Guests simply scan a QR code (or type your URL into their web browser) on their mobile phones. Your guests will be sent to your digital menu where they can browse your offerings and place orders directly from their mobile devices, without any contact with a server.


Can I use Dine-In Ordering as a standalone product?

No, Dine-In Ordering requires the QR Menu SaaS Management System. Together, these two products allow you to always deliver an accurate and detailed menu to your guests.


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